Michael Felber’s Artist Statement

My main interests are animals and nature, so when I am not out observing animals, I spend a lot of time drawing them. Drawing animals is my way of studying them and helps me to more carefully observe the animal. The only way that I could spend a week or two looking at one insect is to draw it, and when the drawing is finished, I am extremely familiar with that insect. I enjoy the process of drawing, and I am more interested in how drawing an animal affects me, than in my finished drawing.

I start with a line drawing in order to get the composition just right before I put in the details, and keep my drawing’s colors as close as I can to those of the original animals. I like to keep the background very simple, and suggest each creature’s environment with a minimum of drawing.

Because I believe that it is harder for people to hurt an individual animal than a vague distant group of animals, I compose my drawings to bring the viewer close enough to get to know the animal as an individual. It is my hope that my drawings will help the viewer to learn about the animals that I depict and to value their lives.